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California Native Wetland & Riparian Plants

We grow native California aquatic plants for wetlands, riparian uplands, native restoration, rain gardens, and gray water systems.
Seed origins available upon request.
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Aquatic Potting Soil

Our aquatic potting soil is specially suited for water plants and will not float or cloud up your pond water. Soil is composed of clay-based sandy loam, volcanic rock, and organic worm castings. Each bag contains 7.2 liter of soil—enough to repot a 1-gallon water lily into a 2-gallon pot, packaged for Retail Sales.

G-Lite Fabric Pot

GeoPot Fabric Pots with Handles

Geopot G-Lite is a porous fabric plant container that allows water to circulate to the roots of your water plants, while keeping them contained. The pot has handles which allows for easier removal from the pond for seasonal repotting or propagation of your water lilies, lotus, and wetland plants. The pots are durable and reusable. All of the seams in the Geopot product line are sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread that will withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.

Aquatic Planting Baskets

Aquatic Mesh Planting Baskets

Laguna mesh planting baskets allow for the free flow of water to the roots of your water plants.

Fertilizer for Bareroot Plants

Bareroot Plant Fertilizer | Fish Powder

Water Soluble Fish Powder in 4 oz. package—works quickly to keep Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce green! Just mix in water at a rate of 2 Tbsp/gallon. Will not hurt fish, wildlife, other plants, pets, or people. Available in 4oz. packets.

Organic Jobe's Fertilizer Spikes

Organic Aquatic Fertilizer Spikes

For water lilies, insert one Jobe's spike beneath soil and near root ball every three weeks during growing season. For lotus, insert 4-6 spikes every 3 weeks once floating leaves have emerged.

Algae Control

Specially formulated to safely manage algae growth when excessive aquatic debris is accumulating in your pond. Real Clear AK reduces sludge and unpleasant odors created from waste products in ornamental ponds. The solution improves water clarity, seeds your bio filter with billions of beneficial microbess that keep your pond and fish healthy. Real Clear AK will not harm plants and fish.

Water Garden Containers

A. Hardy Water Lily/Sm-Med Lotus Container (approx 6 gal, round, 16x7")
B. Lotus Container/Half Whiskey Barrel Liner (18 gal, round, 23x10">
C. Water Garden Container 'Roseanne' (5+ gal, oval, 22x12x7")
D. Water Garden Tub (50 gal, oval, 42x26x15")
E. Water Garden Container (100 gal, round, 47x18")
F. Aquatic Plant Display Container (105 gal, rectangle, 42x48x12", fits palette)

Water Garden Containers
availability list & delivery schedule for retail stores
splendida waterlily

for retail stores

2021 Retail Inventory of Pond & Wetland Plants

Contact Us us if you would like to received our biweekly availability list.

Delveries from March - September
Pick up by appointment only

We deliver onTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, based on our current route schedule. Floaters shipped via common carrier or air freight Monday thru Thursday.

We request order receipt 48 hours in advance to be included on the next delivery date. Priority will be given on a first come first served basis. Stores greater than 150 miles of Walker Avenue Nursery will be sent as often as economically possible.

Between deliveries, we will gladly ship floating plants to your location for cost of shipping.


Special Note Regarding Invasive Species

Rules and regulations are changing for selling water plants because of environmental concerns should they be released into the wild. Each agricultural county may have rules concerning plant ratings that differ from in the past. We will do our best to stay abreast of the changes but please be aware that our list may offer plants that come under restriction in your county.
Most important is not to release plants into the wild
Please compost or properly dispose of whole plants or plant parts when you are dividing, detailing, or removing from the pond.