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Sonoma County, CA
walker avenue nursery
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We are often in the field and not able to pick up the office phone--please leave us a message or send an email so we can get back to you!

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Telephone: (707) 585-7865
FAX: (707) 341-5125

Billing Questions:

Telephone:(707) 585-7865
FAX:(707) 341-5125

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Telephone:(707) 585-7865
FAX:(707) 341-5125

  • Wholesale & Landscaping
       by appointment only, year round
       We are closed Dec 16-Jan 17, 2017
  • Deliveries to Retail Stores
       March thru September
       Floaters shipped via common carrier or
       air freight Monday thru Thursday*
       *as permitted by state and local regulations