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A Nursery Dedicated to the Sustainable Propagation
and Grow-Out of Wetland & Pond Plants



Walker Avenue Nursery
is dedicated to growing wetland, riparian, & pond plants for the landscape industry, architects & designers, native restoration/revegetation projects, natural swimming pools and retail stores. Our plants are irrigated with 100% reclaimed water, free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. All plant material is grown at our farm in Sonoma County.


Landscape and Restoration Project Sales by appointment only, year round
Garden Center and Retail Nursery Sales contact us for current availability and delivery schedule
Retail Sales contact us for retailers near you from February - October
Contract Growing Walker Avenue Nursery offers contract grown plant material in sizes from 1.5" plugs to 15-gallon containers. Our California native wetland plant stock is grown on site from seeds, cuttings, or starts primarily collected from Northern California or Oregon. Submerged plants are prepared in aquatic soil for immediate planting in a pond or marsh.
Natural Swimming Pools we provide the plants for beautiful natural swimming pools built by our friend Gary-the-Contractor and his awesome crew. Click for more information and photos.



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e-mail: orders@walkeravenuenursery.com

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Special Note Regarding Invasive Species

Rules and regulations are changing for selling water plants because of environmental concerns should they be released into the wild. Each agricultural county may have rules concerning plant ratings that differ from in the past. We will do our best to stay abreast of the changes but please be aware that our list may offer plants that come under restriction in your county.
Most important is not to release plants into the wild
Please compost or properly dispose of whole plants or plant parts when you are dividing, detailing, or removing from the pond.