Colorado Waterlily is a hardy waterlily, free flowering, and prefers cooler water. Blooms late in season.

growing hardy waterlilies

Hardy waterlilies are well suited to the climate of northern California. They are hardy to USDA zone 3, as long as their rhizomes do not freeze in winter. Most are perennial. Some cultivars will not bloom as well when air temperatures remain above 80°F for prolong periods.

Hardy waterlilies have woody rhizomes, classified into five types: pineapple, Marliac, odorata, tuberosa, and finger.

All hardy waterlilies are day bloomers.

Plant hardy waterlilies when water temperatures reach 60°F

  • Zone 10    Any time of year
  • Zone 9    March—September
  • Zone 8    April—September
  • Zone 7    April—August
  • Zone 6    mid-April—August

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